Here at Dad’s Own Products, we have perfected the use of Colorado Cooking Sauce over the years. We want you to enjoy the sauce to its fullest extent so we have outlined our recommendations for use!

  • Always shake well before pouring over or basting the product.
  • Do not refrigerate marinade. Store at room temperature
  • Marinate your meat/veggies in a shallow pan, baking dish, plate, or appropriate size plastic ziplock.
  • Marinate as instructed below using excess marinade for basting during grilling, frying, roasting, or sautéing. Stir marinade before basting!
  • After slicing roasts, whole poultry, or other items, you will have a lot of juices (au jus), which you may wish to pour over the sliced products.
  • Vary the length you marinate vs. the recommended times according to your taste.
  • Porous products will naturally absorb more marinade, resulting in a stronger flavor.

NOTE: excess marinade from basting and cooking the products should be discarded to avoid cross-contamination and should never be placed back into the bottle.